• Company Profile

    AEGON-INDUSTRIAL Fund Management Co., Ltd., formerly called Industrial Fund Management Co., Ltd., was established on September 30th, 2003 in Shanghai with a registered capital of 98 million Yuan. Its main shareholder is Industrial Securities Co., Ltd. In October 2007, the Netherlands-based global life insurance and pension company AEGON N.V. purchased 49% share of IFMC and formed a joint venture. Industrial Securities now holds the remaining 51% stake of the company. The company changed its name to AEGON-INDUSTRIAL Fund Management Co., Ltd.. Meanwhile, the company’s registered capital increased to 150 million Yuan.


    Since its inception, AEGON-INDUSTRIAL Fund Management Co., Ltd. has adhered to the primary objective of “maximizing shareholders’ interests”, following the core values of integrity, compliance and stability and building a management style of precision, pragmatism and efficiency. The company persists with an investment philosophy of risk management, long-term investment and value investment. It manages assets in a professional, focused and innovative way, and intends to provide top-tier services to the fund shareholders.


    Currently, AIFMC manages a total of 15 mutual funds: AIFMC Trend Investment Fund, AIFMC Global View Fund, AIFMC Convertible Bond Fund, AIFMC Money Market Fund, AIFMC Social Responsibility Investment Fund, AIFMC Organic Growth Fund, AIFMC Stable Return Bond Fund, AIFMC Herun Structured Fund, AIFMC CSI 300 Enhanced Index Fund, AIFMC Green Investment Fund, AIFMC Capital Guarantee Fund, AIFMC Asset-Light Fund, AIFMC Business Model Fund, AIFMC Value-Added Treasure Fund and AIFMC New Horizon Fund. AIFMC's products maintain high reputations and strong performances in the capital market. In December 2008, the Company received the license for separately managed account service.                  
  • The Shareholders


   Industrial Securities was part of the first batch of companies approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), as a national comprehensive securities company and one of the first ten permitted for capital increase and share expansion after the implementation of the Securities Law. In October 2005, it was approved as one of the first seven legally compliant securities brokerage houses. In August 2007, it obtained received the license for innovative securities brokerage.

    Since 1990, Industrial Securities strictly follows the supervision guidelines of “governing by law, monitoring, self-disciplining and standardizing”. It is dedicated to the development and implementation of professional services, marketing and management systems. Furthermore, it adheres to the business guidelines of marketization, standardization and specialization, and gradually developed a unique and sound management style that led it to be the market leader its core businesses for many years. In October 2010, Industrial Securities successfully became listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.


    AEGON N.V., founded in the mid-19th century, is one of the world’s largest life insurance and pension company, and is also a strong provider of investment products. It has more than 40 million clients world-wide, 31,500 employees and over 344 billion Euros of revenue generating investments as of June 30, 2008. AEGON was ranked No.133 in the Fortune Global 500 in 2007.

    Headquartered in the Hague, Netherlands, AEGON serves millions of clients in over 20 markets throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia, with major operations in the United States, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. AEGON Group is listed on the Euronext Amsterdam, London Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange and Tokyo Stock Exchange.