• Company Philosophy
Concept of Risk Management
  • Ensure that AIFMC’s investments and operations are compliant with the PRC and CSRC’s laws and regulations.

  • Work directly under the Chairman of the Board to perform necessary checks and supervision for all operations.

Risk Control Committee (RCC)
  • Develops the company’s long-term development strategy.

  • Offers investment advice to the company’s major investment decisions.

  • Sets internal control mechanism for the Risk Management Committee.

Risk Management Committee (RMC)
  • The RMC’s responsibilities include but are not limited to: review internal control mechanism, supervise and evaluate the existing or potential risks, assess the potential risks of the company’s major investment projects.

Investment Decision
Committee (IDC)
  • Responsible for risk management of fund investment operation, asset allocation plan and other major investment decisions.

  • Determines the stock pool and portfolio allocation ratios.

  • Authorizes additional clearance for stock positions.