• Charity Programs


Education is the cornerstone the nation’s revival. However, those children living in poor areas aren’t fortunate enough to enjoy it, because they need to bear the burden of life in early stage of their lives.

Years of corporate responsibility culture has driven AIFMC to contribute to this area. Since the end of 2006, the company has raised funds from employees and the society to fund for over 20 schools, 637 poor students and awarding more than 200 outstanding rural teachers in Yunnan, Sichuan, Shandong, Inner Mongolia and Fujian, as well as providing desks, chairs, computers and building school facilities for schools knocked down from earthquakes. We are making our best efforts to improve the educational conditions in poor areas.

In the past two years, we received hundreds of thank you notes from children we helped, and their simple honest words assure us that every bit of our efforts can warm those children’s hearts and the improvement of education may give them the opportunity to change their fates.

At the firm’s fifth anniversary in September 2008, we officially launched the “Beyond the Mountains” program in West China, which provides training for outstanding rural teachers, builds “Industrial Library”, sets up “Industrial Fellowship/Scholarship” and builds “Industrial Social Responsibility School”, to gradually improve the teaching environments in rural schools.